One Piece 839 Spoiler – Mirror World

Zoro has one piece 839 a bounty of 320 million which is what Luffy was roughly at when he arrived at Sabaody. If one used bounty as indicator of strength, then it’d imply that Zoro at this moment, is only as strong as Luffy was while in Sabaody which was 2 years ago, and we know that isn’t the case; the Luffy back then could never have defeated someone like Pica or Caesar whose bounty is 300m.

one piece 839 chapter

one piece 839 manga

Jack has a 1 billion berry bounty; Joker was someone who forced the WG to make him a Schichibukai with Celestial-privileges because they were unable to kill him and were forced to negotiate, how much berries would that be worth if his bounty was unfrozen? 500m, 600m? We can’t say. For all we know, it could be a bounty worth a billion plus. Just because Jack and Cracker have bounties that average out at ~900M doesn’t make them untouchable. Luffy will continually exceed his opponents irregardless of their bounties. Jack and co. are just subordinates, Luffy’s eyes are set on Yonko. We’ve already been introduced to someone with an 860m bounty, chances are they’re going to get higher. Even without cases like Robin, they’re not that consistent. The standard of measure used to set bounties are unknown, so whether bounties seem appropriate 2 years ago or not, or better now, there’s not enough data to ascertain that. The only conclusion we can come to irregardless of value is, if it’s high, they’re strong, how strong cannot be pinpointed. No one could say that Cracker is weaker than Jack just because of the 140m difference, Cracker could be stronger for all we know.


Naruto 689 Spoiler – Naruto and Sasuke seperation

Probably not gonna happen this chapter naruto 689 or next but I would definitely like to see Madara return as the main villian. With current knowledge though I wonder how his plan would change if he still has a plan at all or is content with being dead, like he should be.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

Madara being the villain for the sake of just being war bound and battle addicted would be great, Naruto/Sauce vs. Madara just for the sake of fighting and no ulterior motives would rock the world and probably re shape it, giving Naruto and Sasuke huge moments to their might.
If their is a part 3. It definetly will not be as long as the other 2 parts. Infact i have a feeling this Naruto movie will be in place to close a lot of gaps before kishi finishes everything with Part 3 of the manga. Hopefully that movie will incorporate atleast 50 Chapters of information so we can erase an entire year off the extended manga.

Perhaps The Last will be about Naruto and Sasuke seperation due to Naruto Becoming Hokage. And Sasuke begins his journey to becoming the final villain. Probably similar to how Madara and Hashirama took place. Instead we get more indepth information.
They both been terrible the whole time.
Shitpudden has basically been Sasuke being moulded into a Villain until Hashirama TnJ’d him.

People here saying Naruto might stay as long as One Piece have a long nightmare to face. One Piece has a legit long plot left and it would take another 7-10 years to end.

Naruto 688 Chapter – Kaguya Warped Back

Naruto 688 Chapter was alright i hated how Naruto basically goes you killed all those ninja and Neji but your still amazing… gtfo bruh next chapter should be good tho wish kakashi & sakura died too tho that way all the fodder is out of the way and just page time for those who really matter.

naruto 688

naruto 688

The gravity no longer seemed to bother anyone anymore. The only way you could tell it was still active was by Kaguya switch dimensions allowing her speed to return to blitz level speed to dodge Sasukes point blank attack.
Sasuke instantly summons Susanoo confirming he didnt need anyone to block for him. The charging of his eye was in reference to his swapping technique. Naruto landed two powerful hits on Kaguya before now that he is angry he can suddenly sever limbs with his bare hands (at least turn one of the Sage orbs into a sword or something to make it believable).Kakashi’s eye. We assumed that it was a regular eye but what if when Naruto restored it it returned to base uchiha mode requiring an emotionally traumatic event to reactivate it. (i doubt it but thats what its gonna take to make Kakashi useful again at this point)
Kaguya warped back to the original/genesis planet which could mean from when the tree was first brought forth meaning that the edo Kages may be inbound likely at the end of the chapter to offer a meager counterattack at an optimal juncture.